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A Grass Roots & Inclusive
Bouldering COMMUNITY

Climber Collective is a unique and boutique bouldering space.
We are all about creating a fun and casual experience with a warm, open, and inclusive environment.
Our hold selection focuses on the best shapes which are great to climb on across a range of skill levels, are visually appealing, and allow for creative route setting.

Climber Collective was founded on the idea of how a climbing gym can create its own inclusive community. Doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are or how you climb.

Everyone shares the same goal. Get to the top! 


Our walls are designed and built by ICP, the world class leaders in bouldering walls.

  • Features 8 Grades of difficulty
  • Huge variety of holds
  • Multiple gradients
  • Training Walls

When it came to wall design we wanted a space that was inclusive of all levels and capabilities. From -5 degree slabs to vertical to 35 degree walls, we managed to pack as much in as we could.

With the training side of things we have started with the very basics.

A campus board, hang boards, and free weights.

As we evolve and grow with our customers more training options will be added. 

Training Wall

Climbing Shoes Only

Why can’t we wear normal shoes when bouldering? 

Climbing shoes at the Collective are compulsory as regular shoes can carry dirt, small rocks, and nasty stuff. These can then go over the holds and matting which people grab or land on.

Chalk Use

Chalk use is restricted to liquid chalk and chalk balls in chalk bags only

Why only Liquid Chalk and Chalk Balls?

The use of loose powdered chalk has always been a topic of debate for the long term respiratory health of customers and staff.

COVID-19 gave us a positive insight into life without loose powdered chalk. Excessive chalk powder combined with dead skin, hair, and dirt makes MEGA dust.

Gyms are now cleaner, healthier, and happier with the use of liquid chalk and chalk balls.

Plenty of the latest premium gear for sale at our front desk including Chalk, Chalk Bags, Shoes, Climbing Brushes, Merch and more. 

Come visit us to check out what’s new!

Green space vision.
Our western outside area has such a lovely aspect that we can’t help but add some lush plants. It’s begging for it! Our vision is to create a green space to chill and vibe in. Imagine just ticking off your hardest climb, sunset on the horizon, slight cool breeze, and hanging out amongst some Monstera Deliciosa. 😁

Kitted small kitchenette for food, drink and water purposes.\

A change room for getting out of that work wear and into your climbing suit! (And vice versa).

Also features some space to leave your things.


Accessible + Unisex Bathrooms available alongside our changerooms.




Our House Rules are here to ensure everyone’s able to have a good time and keep safe.

    The word of the year, please allow room around yourself and others to ensure the safety of others.
    If someone has just brushed a hold or two let them have a crack first. Don’t snake your fellow climber’s route. Cleaning can be hard work and they deserve sendage rights.
    We know taking off your shirt feels good, especially after a tough sweaty climb. However please respect those around you who would rather not see everything.
    Most climbers like a challenge. Please respect their space and don’t spray the beta unless they ask.

    A simple “hey whos next” or “are you climbing this” is the best way to avoid cutting in and a great way to start a convo.

Route Grading ChART

Our route grading features 8 Grades of difficulty with a huge variety of holds over a range of gradients.

Perfect to track your progression as you level up your climbing and fitness!

Our diverse and professional route setters will be regularly changing our routes as well to keep things fresh and creative!

Make sure to dial in your flow!


Weekdays: 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

If you’re interested in a 6am – 9am session please let us know! Our opening times are a reflection of being a start up business.
Times will be expanded as we grow with our customers.

Parking ChART


Our professional route setters are very active and will be changing routes regularly every week to keep our boutique gym fresh and creative.

Don’t worry though, we’ll be releasing our route zone changes regularly as well and give plenty of time for you to conquer them all. 

Weekdays: 4pm – 9pm
Saturday: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: 9am – 6pm

Bookings are non-essential!

Come on in!

We all love our furry friends, but unfortunately we can only allow Service dogs and registered / certified therapy dogs in our gym.

This is too ensure a safe area for everyone.

  1. All participants must complete a waiver prior to entry.
  2. Participants under the age of 18yrs require parental/guardian consent/signature.
  3. Participants under 16yrs need parental/Guardian supervision at all times.
  4. New participants are required to watch our safety video.
  5. Spectators are to stay away from the matted climbing areas and all equipment.
  6. No running, wrestling or gymnastic maneuvers on the premises.
  7. Dangerous or high risk manoeuvres that are NOT set out by Climber Collective on the walls or training equipment is prohibited.
  8. Please remove work boots/dirty shoes before entering Climber Collective.
  9. Climbing shoes are essential while climbing one the walls. No sneakers or boots.
  10. No alcohol, drugs or smoking on the premises.
  11. No externally bought food or drinks are to be brought into the premises
  12. Please stay clothed. Shirts to be worn at all times.
  13. No loose chalk allowed at all. Liquid Chalk or Chalk Balls only.
  14. Participants must listen to all staff directions and adhere to all signage within Climber Collective.
  15. Discrimination will not be tolerated.

Although Climber Collective supports youth climbing we are predominantly an adult suited facility. Reach and difficulty levels are set for adult climbers from 5 feet and up. Our walls are 4m-4.5m in height with no ropes to catch a fall.

Youth Climbers are welcome to participate on a case by case basis or from 16yrs or older.

For very experienced youth climbers / SCA team members please contact us before booking.

Climbers under the age of 16yrs need adult supervision at all times. Due to the nature of our venue we are unable to facilitate non paying participants.

In the future Climber Collective plans to have youth times slots and training.

If you have any questions please contact us.

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